Research Projects

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‘Chinese Moneywork: Studies of Use and Interaction Design for Digital Money’. Royal Society, Kan Tong Po International Visiting Fellowship (£3,000, 2018-19). PI: Mark Perry

‘3D Software Mapping For Osteoarthritis Pain Self-Management in Older Population’, Newton Fund/ Royal Aacademy of Engineering (2018) PI: George Ghinea

Smart Money: precision data management for distributed ledger enabled central bank issued digital currencies’, EPSRC/Digital Economy EP/P032001/1 (FEC: £757,585 + £20K industrial support from Bank of England, Office of National Statistics and GCHQ, 2017-19). CI: Mark Perry

‘Empatic: Emotion Measuring Partner Agent for Training Control’, EPSRC and BAE Systems ((£420K). CI: Kate Hone

3rd Party Dematerialisation and Rematerialisation of Capital: designing and innovating credible digital intermediaries in the personal financial marketplace’. EPSRC/Digital Economy (FEC: £322,427 + £35K industrial support, 2013-2015). PI: Mark Perry